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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Mole Removed?

Skin growths or moles can appear anywhere on the body. They typically start to develop in your younger years but you may see more appear throughout your lifetime. It has been said that by the time you reach 40 years of age, you may have anywhere between 10 and 40 moles on your body.

Often, moles are typical and do not pose any harm. But, they may be unsightly growths that make you self-conscious. This is especially true if the moles are on a noticeable place such as your face.

Moles may be singular or grow in multiples. They can be flat or raised and some moles may develop a hair that grows out of the mole. Moles also form in an array of colors that can change over time. When a mole begins to change, this is of concern and it should be checked by a licensed physician.

Some of the most common colors of moles are light brown, dark brown and skin color. When moles are black, blue, red or white in colors (or a combination thereof), they need to be examined by a doctor to determine if they have the potential to be, or are, cancerous.

You may want to have a mole removed due to its location, the sensitivity of it, or maybe it detracts from your looks or makes you self-conscious. Perhaps it gets in the way of clothing or jewelry. Whatever the reason for your desire to remove a skin growth, cost is surely a question you will have.

facial mole removal

Mole Removal Costs

How much does it cost to have a mole removed?

The cost of removing a mole depends on several factors. One factor that will determine the cost is the nature of the procedure. Because there are multiple ways a mole can be removed, your doctor will make the decision on how to remove it by evaluating where the mole is, if he thinks there is the potential of it being malignant, and how the mole has formed: is it a flat mole or raised?

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Mole Removal Options

The most common forms of mole removal from least invasive to most invasive, and their general charges are:

Radiosurgery Mole Removal

This is a procedure that involves using high frequency radio waves, aimed at the mole, which will cause the cells inside the mole to evaporate. There is no pain felt during the procedure and there is no scabbing after the procedure. Radiosurgery is considered a highly effective means of removing moles though it is one of the more expensive procedures running anywhere between $200 and $350. If you have more than one mole to remove, this may not be an option for you cost-wise.

Laser Mole removal

Similar to radiosurgery in that an outside source is aimed at the mole to cause it to die away, with this procedure, instead of laser, a laser light is aimed at the skin growth. The light turns to heat and burns the mole’s cells from within which causes them to break down and absorb back into skin. This procedure differs from radiosurgery as it will cause a scab that will eventually fall off, only to reveal newer, more healthy skin underneath and no sign of the mole.

This is a fairly new mole removal treatment and can be more costly than other forms of removal, clocking in at $250 to $1000 per mole. Again, if multiple moles need to be removed, you may want to consider a less expensive approach or use this procedure for particular moles that warrant laser treatment.


Freezing moles with liquid nitrogen is a popular way to remove moles. The liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the mole. It freezes the mole and eventually a scab forms over the treated area. The scab eventually falls off leaving the skin free of the mole. The procedure isn’t painful, necessarily, but can be uncomfortable for a few seconds. This is an inexpensive mole removal treatment and is good for removing multiple moles when it comes to cost. This procedure typically runs from $25 to $60 per mole.

Shaving Moles

If you have flat moles, you and your doctor may think shaving the mole is the best form of removal. A scalpel is used to shave closely over the mole, to skin level. There is no cutting or incision, which means stitching is not needed. Your doctor may apply a liquid sealant over the area to prevent any bleeding.

This is a simple procedure though some moles can grow back over time after this procedure which means you may have to repeat it down the road. The cost of shaving a mole off may cost approximately $150. If the mole or skin sample need to be sent to the lab for testing, lab charges will be added to this procedure.

Cutting a Mole

Cutting a mole is usually done on moles that are raised, hang from the skin, or that may make a doctor suspicious of cancer. Your doctor will use a scalpel to cut the mole off, and if it is suspected of being a malignant mole, or skin cancer, he will remove more skin around the mole to send to the lab for testing. A stitch is required to close the skin where the mole was removed. This procedure typically costs about $350, but if the mole and skin sample are sent to the lab you can expect there will be more charges from them.

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How to Freeze Off a Wart at Home

Sometimes the tiniest things can cause discomfort and annoyance in our lives. Warts and the process of getting rid of them can be one of those little annoyances. If you’re wondering how to freeze off a wart at home, some of the options below may be of some assistance.

What Causes Warts

Warts are caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV) and appear in the form of skin growths. This virus affects the topmost layer of the skin, entering through a break in the skin. Most warts will go away on their own in months or even years. Warts may be spread through contact with the HPV virus. There are various kinds of warts which can develop anywhere over the body. Warts are usually painless unless they are located on an area of pressure, such as the bottom of the foot or on the hand.

freeze off warts at home

Wart Removal Options

When warts cause pain or are cosmetically unsightly, you may want to have them removed. While they can be removed at a medical professional’s office, many people prefer to use do it yourself wart removal products at home. First of all, always be sure this growth is a really a wart before proceeding to remove it on your own. It may be a good idea to have a doctor check it out first.

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Over-the-Counter Wart Removal Methods

Over the counter methods of wart removal in the past have mainly used salicylic acid which destroys the wart, but now some newer treatments freeze warts through the use of carbon dioxide aerosols.

Freezing off a Wart at Home

Freezing off a wart at home (or cryotherapy) is simple and usually very effective. There is a variety of products available on the market, in drugstores, and online. Two quite popular and reputable products to use are Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System and Dr Scholl’s Freeze Away.

The freezing sprays, at a temperature of minus seventy to ninety Fahrenheit, are used in home wart removal products. Many home wart removal products use a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane rather than liquid nitrogen that is used by dermatologists. These sprays may not work as well as the liquid nitrogen used by most doctors, because the liquid nitrogen is much colder at minus three hundred twenty degrees. Freezing products should be used with caution, following the included instructions carefully, since these products work by destroying living tissue. If used improperly, these wart removal products could cause burns and scarring. There is also a small risk of infection with incorrect use of these freezing products.

Wart Freezing Removal Guide

Before beginning the treatment, be sure to wash your hands and the wart area well with soap and water. Check to be sure of the size of the wart to be treated. Small warts may be frozen all at once. Larger warts may be done one section at a time.

When using home kits for wart removal, an applicator is soaked in the ether-propane mixture, and then applied to the wart for twenty to forty seconds. You will feel a cold sensation and a slight burning from the freezing agent applied to the wart. These applicators can be somewhat difficult to use on very small warts though. Some of the wart removal kits include skin protectors to go around the wart to prevent harm to the surrounding area.

Soon after treatment, a blister will form over the wart and over the next few days the wart will scab over and eventually fall off.  Do not break the blister, since breaking it may lead to a possible infection. Pain from the freezing procedure may last for a few days, but healing is usually quick in one to two weeks, with little visible scarring.

Patience and persistence may be required when dealing with the larger warts though. The freezing treatment may need to be done multiple times to eliminate larger, thicker warts.  In those cases you may have to repeat the cryotherapy once a week for several weeks until the wart is gone.

Some warts will respond well to this type of freezing treatment and other warts may not – even if the same treatment is used on the same person. Thanks to our wonderful immune system however, eventually warts will go away on their own, even though it may be months or even years before they disappear without treatment. If you have a problem removing a wart at home, you may need to have it checked by a dermatologist.

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Freezing Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless pieces of skin attached to your body by a stem. There is no known cause for skin tags, other than possibly aging, and your clothes rubbing against your skin (friction). Some believe skin tags run in families, and they are much more common as people age. Skin tags do not need to be removed unless they cause discomfort. But, sometimes the skin tags are removed for cosmetic reasons. Insurance companies usually consider skin tags removal as cosmetic, and therefore insurers are not willing to pay for this procedure.

Skin tags may be removed by medical professionals for cost. On the other hand, some people prefer to try removing skin tags by themselves at home. There are several ways to remove skin tags such as tying them off, cutting them off and freezing skin tags. Various home remedies have been used to remove skin tags as well.

In this article we will focus on one type of removal: the freezing of skin tags (cryotherapy). This method can be performed both at home and at the physician’s office.

compund w wart remover

Freezing Skin Tags at Home

There are several products on the market that are used in do-it-yourself removal of warts that some people have used successfully on skin tags. The most common method for people to remove skin tags at home is by using a wart removal system such as Compound W or Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Formula. Wart removal products can be gels, pads, and even freezing pens. Currently, salicylic acid is the main ingredient used in home removal products. This type of treatment usually takes up to two weeks for the tag to die and fall off. Follow the directions carefully on the wart removal product when using this type of application at home for skin tags.

Liquid nitrogen and other freezing agents, like those used by dermatologists, are sometimes used at home if you are able to obtain them. A set of tweezers is dipped in the liquid nitrogen or other agent, then the base of the skin tag is grasped with the tweezers for about ten seconds. Cover the skin tag area with gauze until it turns black and falls off in a few days.This will keep the area clean and prevent possible infection.

While do-it-yourself skin tag removal is less expensive than having the procedure done by a medical professional, there are some possible risks involved. This self-removal form of treatment may cause you more pain and you may have a higher risk of scarring and infection.

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Cryotherapy or cryosurgery can be safely done in the physician’s office. This type of surgery is relatively simple and involves only a minimum risk. This skin tag removal treatment is done quickly, and most of the time with no anesthetic involved (unless it is a large skin tag). There may be slight stinging or burning at the site for a few minutes while the freezing agent is applied. Ibuprofen can be taken beforehand to help with any discomfort involved in the treatment.

The physician uses a super-cold substance like argon, liquid nitrogen, or even dry ice to freeze the skin tag. This procedure can be done in the clinic in several different ways. A q-tip or similar applicator is dipped in liquid nitrogen or other freezing substance and is placed on the skin tag to kill cell growth. Depending on the size of the skin tag, a second treatment may be needed. Some dermatologists will spray a freezing agent on the skin tag for five to twenty seconds, or more for larger skin tags. A precooled probe can also be used by medical professionals to “burn” the skin tag. A blister forms at the treatment site within three to six hours, then later forms a scab.  In few weeks the skin tag’s scab will dry up and fall off. Don’t pick at the scab as that can increase the chances of scarring. The skin may continue to feel tender for a few days following the treatment. Remember it is important to keep the sensitive area clean and dry.

An added benefit of using cryotherapy to remove skin tags is that the removal by this method stimulates the immune system to fight further growth of skin tissue; which may be a big help in preventing cancerous tumors from growing.

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Flat Mole Removal Cream

Moles can take away from your appearance no matter where they develop. If you develop multiple moles over your body, you may become insecure about how your skin looks and have the urge to cover up more.

Mole removal procedures at the doctor’s office can be expensive and may be uncomfortable for some people. Maybe you wish there was a more inexpensive and easy way to remove moles in the privacy of your own home. Well there is. If you have flat moles on your skin, moles that are not raised or do not hang from the skin, they are the best moles for removing them with mole creams you can purchase online or over the counter.

flat mole removal creamFlat Mole Removal Creams

Some of the best flat mole removal cream options are:

Natural Body and Skin

Natural Body and Skin costs $44.95 and is designed to make moles harden and peel away in layers. For the mole to peel away it is recommended to keep the mole moist so the layers peel off naturally on their own. Do not pick at the layers. It is also not recommended for use on the face since the skin on the face is much more sensitive dermatologically than the skin on the other areas of the body.

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NeviSkin is priced from $29.99 to $39.00 depending on how many jars you purchase. It is an all-natural herbal product that can be used on multiple types of skin problems, but is known to be an effective mole removal and claims to be able to remove most types of moles, including flat moles, in only one application. It is fast-acting, painless and does not cause scarring.

H-Moles Formula – All Natural

H-Moles can be used anywhere on the body to remove benign moles, including sensitive areas such as under the arms, the back of the neck, the stomach, even on your face. The main ingredient in H-Moles is Thuja occidentalis, an herb that is effective in dissolving skin growths. The product is applied by using a cotton swab to apply several drops to the mole. After a few weeks you will see the mole has disappeared, though for some people it may take a little longer. Skin and mole type will play a role in how long it takes to dissolve your mole. The cost of H-Moles Formula is $29.95.

Wart Mole Vanish

Wart Mole Vanish is highly effective in removing warts in a single 20 minute application. It is considered safe because it is 100% natural. Wart Mole Vanish works by cauterizing the cell tissue of the mole causing it to die off and fade away. The product works by first roughing up the top layer of the mole with the supplied emery board but not the skin around the mole. A flat mole may need to be pinched between the fingers to lift and rub it. Apply the product only to the mole and let it sit for 20 minutes so it can absorb into the mole. Wash off the remaining product and dry. A little stinging or burning is normal. The price for this product starts at $69.95.


DermaTend is recognized as one of the best over-the-counter mole removers at $69.95 and contains the herb bloodroot. It is applied on the mole then covered with a band aid or adhesive bandage. Once the mole has scabbed over, discontinue using the bandage and allow the scab to fall off on its own. The ointment will help in leaving minimal scarring compared to procedures done in a doctor’s office.

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* One note to consider is that many times, moles need to be sent to a laboratory for examination. Most dermatologists like to be sure there is no sign of skin cancer or malignancy in accordance with the mole. For this reason, it is common practice for the doctor to send a mole off for further diagnostics once it’s removed. When you remove a mole yourself with a mole removing cream, you will lose the benefit of making sure it is free of cancerous cells.

Following the instructions for each individual product is important to help ensure you get the best results when removing your mole. If you develop any problems using any of the products, discontinue use and schedule an appointment with your physician to see what your options may be for removing your mole under a physician’s care.

Dermatologist Mole Removal Cost

If you have a mole on your skin that has become a nuisance or an eyesore, you may have considered having it removed. Sometimes moles grow in places where they can irritate you; whether it be the clothing you wear, jewelry, or perhaps it is an obvious distraction somewhere on your face. You can have your mole removed.

Removing skin growths is usually best done by a physician. They not only have the proper equipment but the techniques to have it removed properly without specific risks you may face if you try to remove it yourself. If you are considering having a mole removed you may want to look into what the costs will be, at least to get a general idea. Informing yourself about the dermatologist mole removal cost will benefit you even more if you have more than one mole to remove because of course the more you have removed, the higher the charges.

skin mole removal

Skin Mole Removal

Let’s take a look at what’s involved in skin mole removal:

Having a mole removed can be done in a few different ways and each way will have its own charges associated with it due to how much time it takes to remove it, the degree of difficulty that’s involved and the type of anesthetic required, if any, to remove the skin growth. All in all, a skin mole removal should cost anywhere between $150 and $400.

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Types of procedures:

Shaving the Mole

For flat moles, shaving is one of the most common ways of removing it. A scalpel is used to closely shave over the mole to get as close to the skin level as possible. No stitches are needed in this procedure as the doctor doesn’t actually cut the mole off. But he will need to cauterize the skin or apply a sealing liquid over the area afterwards to stop or prevent bleeding.

Because this option is simple and doesn’t require an in-depth procedure, it is one of the less expensive ways to remove the mole. One concern to keep in mind is that with this type of mole and method of removal is that it can easily grow back and if that happens, you will eventually have to have it removed again, becoming more costly.

Cutting the Mole

If the mole is raised, or shows signs of potential malignancy (skin cancer), the doctor may need or want to cut it out. He will use a scalpel to remove the mole as well as surrounding skin or tissue to send off to a lab to be tested. Your doctor will want to make sure, if there is any cancer or malignancy, that it has not spread past the mole and into surrounding skin tissue areas.

This procedure will require numbing the area, the incision and removal of the mole, and a stitch to close up the incision. When a mole is sent to the lab, be prepared to have to pay for lab charges as well as the mole removal procedure. Lab charges can run hundreds of dollars depending on the involvement, the lab and the fees they charge. Pricing is specific to each independent facility. On average this procedure costs about $350.

If you want to help keep costs down, especially if you are having more than one mole removed, you may want to look into having a physician in training (under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist) remove the mole. Typically charges are less than those accumulated if you see a regular physician. You can find these doctors in training by contacting the department of dermatology at a local medical school.

Some other common forms of mole removal and their fees are:


This is the freezing of a mole that uses liquid nitrogen and is sprayed on the mole. It freezes the mole and the area eventually forms a scab that will fall off after a short time. This procedure usually runs between $25 and $60.

Laser Removal

This procedure uses a laser light aimed at the mole. The energy from the light turns to heat which in turn burns the mole and cells within and causes the cell to break down and be reabsorbed into the skin. A scab forms and will eventually fall off to unveil newer, healthier looking skin. This procedure is fairly new and is a bit more costly running anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

Radiosurgery Removal

This procedure uses high frequency radio waves aimed at the mole that evaporate the cells inside the mole. There is no pain or scabbing afterwards, is less invasive than other treatments and is very efficient in mole removal. This procedure runs approximately $200 to $350.

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