How to Get Rid of Hand Warts

Warts on the hand can be an embarrassment because they are pretty much visible to everyone all the time. For anyone that is looking for treatment methods for how to get rid of hand warts, there are several options available. Some of these are medical and some are merely natural remedies that happen to be effective against warts on the hand. In fact, many methods in both categories can be used on all types of warts, not just warts on the hand.

How to get rid of hand warts

Medical Wart Therapies

DTOT (Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy)

Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy (DTOT) is often used in conjunction with prescription compounds in order to localize the medication. A fair amount of research has been done on the effectiveness of this, and it has been seen to fight against many types of warts, one of which is warts on the hand. In this method, a compound such as imiquimod cream is first applied to the warts, following which a piece of duct tape is put on the wart. This is done for about a week, and then the warts are left exposed to the air for a day. The process is then repeated until the warts go away.

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Cryotherapy or freezing is also a popular medical method that involves the use of a focused stream of liquid nitrogen that is sprayed directly on to the wart. Several over the counter products are available to remove warts on the hand using this method, and a single application is often enough. The wart turns red on freezing, and a blister can be seen to form under it. Allowing the blister to run its natural course is usually sufficient to get rid of the wart itself, but repeated applications can be done, giving a gap of about a fortnight between applications. A visit to the doctor is recommended if the warts are not removed after three attempts using this technique.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy involves cutting off the blood supply to the wart so it dies a natural death. Pain may be experienced during the treatment, and there is a chance that the underlying tissue will be scarred after the wart is gone. An alternative is electrosurgery, where the wart is literally “burned” using an electric current. It is removed at a later time.

Non-medical Wart Therapies

  • Tea Tree Oil is a proven natural remedy that can be applied right at home. Simply dab on some oil and cover the wart with a Band-Aid. This treatment can be continued for up to three weeks, and if results aren’t seen by then, a visit to the doctor may be the best next step.
  • Castor Oil is especially known to be effective against warts on the hand and face warts. The oil irritates the wart and begins working on eliminating the wart almost immediate. At least two weeks of treatment is usually required to see major changes in appearance, and the disappearance of the wart might actually take longer.
  • Aspirin contains salicylic acid, so this is also an effective way to treat warts on the hand. This method is used be medical professionals as well, but the acid is applied in its natural form rather than by crushing an Aspirin tablet and applying it on the hand wart.
  • Toothpaste is also a popular home remedy, and quite a lot of people trust it to remove their warts. The active ingredients in the paste act against the virus to eliminate it, thereby killing the wart.
  • Betadine, or iodine solution, is another application that works for many people. The area needs to be covered with a bandage after applying Betadine, and can be left for about 2-3 days before a fresh coat of Betadine is used and the bandage changed.
  • Citrus peel and orange peel are two effective home remedies for those who do not want any kind of medication to be administered, the peel can be taped with a bandage. The peel, however, should be regularly changed – preferably every day. This method takes about a week for the wart to fall off on its own.

Both types of therapy are reliable, so it is a matter of preference that decides what option is chosen as your preferred how to get rid of hand warts treatment.

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